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Our Story

Up-Tick HealthCare Advisors originated with the idea of improving a company’s ability to achieve their goal of getting medical devices, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests to non U.S. markets. Our team brings a rational approach to a complex problem with tremendous experience in clinical research including Phase II and Phase III clinical trials in the US .

We have been involved in numerous clinical trials in the oncologic and metabolic spectrum. We have assisted in implant design and eventual FDA product approval. We nurture and invest along side companies that may lack growth capital and the ability to get to market overseas. With our Los Angeles, Mumbai & Shanghai access, our national and international relationships are critical in product development and distribution.








Up-Tick HealthCare Advisors is a service advisor to companies in diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical and healthcare products nationally and internationally. We have three medical doctors, all with unique skill sets, that include identifying needed drugs or healthcare products, developing and performing clinical trials for drug approval and coordinating such trials with our US regulators and nurturing.


Advising Partners in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products

With over 2 billion people needing healthcare, Up-Tick Health Care Advisors brings needed diagnostic testing, pharmaceuticals, implants, biologics and medical equipment through regulatory requirements including FDA approval. It is not only difficult to register health care products inside and outside the US, but it can be equally challenging finding an appropriate distribution chain outside the U.S. We will not only assist in developing clinical trials through international regulatory committees (our equivalent of the FDA) but we will also provide relationships with health care providers and hospitals to enroll and complete such trials in a timely fashion. Once the study is approved, we have close relationships with the largest distributers in countries outside the U.S.

We provide such services that include nurturing and investing through joint ventures with healthcare companies that could otherwise have unforeseen barriers throughout the regulatory process outside the U.S. Dr. Sant Chawla has over 20 years experience performing Phase 1-3 clinical trials in novel cancer drugs that have eventually been approved and sold in the US markets. Dr. Earl Brien has designed orthopedic implants, including limb salvage implants that can replace, in some cases, the knee, hip and entire femur. He has pioneered and helped grow the biologic market, specifically, synthetic bone graft products. Dr. Stephen Liu has worked with biotechnology leaders for several years developing joint ventures with biotechnology and health care start-ups that focuses on drug development in unmet areas of medicine nationally and internationally. Jeffrey T. Kiley has worked in the investment banking business for over 30 years and provides an essential component in structuring agreements with our financial partners needed to fund clinical trials, registration and distribution.