Our Mission

Up-tick Healthcare Advisors is committed to expanding healthcare solutions to people in underserved markets around the globe.

Originating with the idea of improving a company’s ability to achieve their goal of getting medical devices, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests to non U.S. markets, our team brings a rational approach to a complex problem with tremendous experience in clinical research including Phase II and Phase III clinical trials in the US and overseas.

We have been involved in numerous clinical trials in the oncologic and metabolic spectrum, assisting in implant design and eventual FDA product approval. Our national and international relationships are critical in product development and distribution.We nurture and invest along side companies that may lack growth capital and the ability to get to market overseas.


Up-tick Healthcare Advisors expedites the introduction of novel and promising healthcare interventions and pharmaceuticals to emerging markets.

We work with biotechnology companies to satisfy essential regulatory requirements for bringing those interventions to market in a variety of international settings. This includes supporting growing businesses with registration, clinical trials and regulatory approval.

In addition, Uptick Advisors has expertise in marketing and product distribution channels in selected international markets, particularly in China and the Far East. Once required product/medication approvals and licensing are obtained, Up-tick facilitates access to distribution channels and product introduction in those regions.