Product Development Specialists


Up-Tick Healthcare Advisors has a clear investment thesis that limits company’s financial risk by providing a platform to market products worldwide while building an enduring business. Our advisory approach combines excellent operating executives with high-potential healthcare companies. As private equity investors partnering with biotechnology companies, we follow the guiding principles to expand businesses in the healthcare sector. We support growth through participation in clinical trials, licensing, registration and distribution globally.

Biologics & Pharmaceuticals

We specialize in oncologic cutting edge drugs that will change the course of healthcare in their respective countries. In addition, we have significant experience in treating metabolic bone disease and other rare tumors.

Asset & Risk Management

Jeffrey T. Kiley has managed money for over 30 years. He specializes in small to midcap growth stocks and has been involved in hundreds of private companies going public. His risk controls have provided consistent and substantial returns over the past 30 years. He has national and international banking relationships that make him a perfect fit for our clients.

Orthopaedic & Cardiac Implants

Orthopaedic and cardiac implants are the fastest growing products in the U.S. and developing nations. Our team includes two orthopaedic surgeons and a medical oncologist who have significant relationshiphs with multiple U.S. companies. We believe our advisory team is unmatched in this critical needed medical space.

How We Partner

Up-Tick HealthCare Advisors is a service advisor to companies in diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical and healthcare products nationally and internationally. We have three medical doctors, all with unique skill sets, that include identifying needed drugs or healthcare products, developing and performing clinical trials for drug approval and coordinating such trials with our US regulators and nurturing and partnering with interested companies.

Our relationships with regional, national and international finance companies and banks headed by our investment banking team, Jeffery T. Kiley and Dr. Steven Liu can assist our biotech and healthcare partners. Our team invests along side companies while developing strategic partnerships nationally and internationally.

We provide a pathway for medical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products to enter global emerging markets by partnering with biotechnology companies. Up-Tick specializes in assisting companies in completing essential regulatory requirements while having the ability to financially partner with such companies with a clear investment thesis.